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our  braids

  • Thicker braids, defined "Pot Holes" neat parting throughout, easy and ...

    3 hr

    From 250 Australian dollars
  • Not Jumbo but still large...

    4 hr

    From 300 Australian dollars
  • Medium size box braids look beautiful short or long and in all sorts o...

    5 hr

    From 400 Australian dollars
  • Small box braids are classy, practical, and can effortlessly highlight...

    6 hr

    From 500 Australian dollars
  • When it's time to unbraid and un tangle we are here to do it for you

    1 hr 30 min

    From 100 Australian dollars
  • Corn Rows braids, are braided flat on the sculpt similar to rows of ca...

    40 min

    From 50 Australian dollars
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