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Mavor (the Urhobo way of saying Hello. It can also be translated to be “how are You” or "Whats Up?!" Mavor is by far the most used greeting by the Urhobo ethnicity)!


My name is Vivian, I arrived to the Australia from Nigeria, December 2016, to join my husband Nelson, who was already there, we settled on the beautiful Gold Coast. Soon after, 2017, our first daughter Edesiri, was born with big beautiful brown eyes and a huge smile, I can't believe she is starting school soon, time flies! Almost a year ago, her sister Ikuesiri joined our family and brought so much joy and laughter. 

Braiding is my art, my tradition, culture and heritage, it's my passion and love, that is why my skills in braiding are extraordinary, if I might say so myself... I have been braiding hair for many many years, ever since I was a very young girl in Nigeria.

When I braid, sometimes for hours, Edesiri loves to help me and takes care of her little sister, its a family effort for us as it was for my mum and my sisters when I was growing up. My elder sister, was the most beautiful woman, talented and creative, what ever she touched was amazing, God rest her soul, I hope she is finally proud of me and my braiding. She left an amazing legacy behind...
Growing up, my sisters and I had to let her practice on our hair, she was always super strict with us, we were not allowed to ask for anything special (not like the actual clients who could ask for anything they wanted!) She was the most professional and serious about braiding and super bossy! If we wanted to upset her all we needed to do is to ask for extensions! if we asked for something unusual and made her upset, she would leave our afro hair unattended for weeks! Her memory is so special to me, I hope she is proud of me and what I do here... Our home was always filled with the hustle and bustle of family, friends and clients we had to sit quietly and patiently - such fond memories!

I love seeing the joy and happiness of my clients when i put the mirror in front of them after many hours of braiding, their expression and amazement is worth everything, its such a pleasure to be part of such a special journey... our hair is beautiful and we can do what ever we like with it, Its humbling to see my clients, after I braid their hair, boosted with confidence, loving their new look, proud, happy and feeling empowered!


I'm here with abundance of passion and love to help you transform and make you look and feel even more special and beautiful 💗

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