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We are modern Braids salon, our mission at NELVIVA Braids is to embrace all hair types, styles, lengths of hair with love and passion. Our clients have come to expect on-trend styles, consistency and a dedicated team of passionate and professionals stylists who provide a welcoming atmosphere in a comfortable neighbourhood salon.

Being originally from Nigeria, hair braiding means more to us than a hair style, it's a ritual, a form of art, a tradition. The origin of braids have a pretty complex (and ongoing) history that starts over 30,000 years ago. It’s fascinating that braided hairstyles have maintained cultural relevance ever since their inception. From ancient cornrows to knotless tailbone length box braids, the history of braids is as evolving as its styling possibilities.

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The history and importance of braids for people of colour is deeply intertwined with the resilience and physiological trauma of colonisation and trans-Atlantic slavery. In an effort to strip people of colour of their identity and culture, hair was often completely shaved from their heads. As slavery endured, braids became a practical way to keep hair out of the way while labouring, could last an extended period of time without needing constant care and became a way to communicate important messages, like the path to freedom from bondage. Braided hairstyles were a literal lifeline! 

Staying put for 6+ hours to get single braids installed is a memory a lot of women share around the world and it’s amazing to think this tradition has been passed down for thousands of years. In modern times, the multipurpose use of hair braiding remains. Braids are a protective style that help to maintain the length, volume and integrity of your hair without having to manipulate it every single day. This reduction in friction on strands gives hair a break and often leads to major growth. Braids are the perfect style to wear on vacation, through a work week or when you want an ultra sleek look with no hassle.


In Nelviva we cherish our tradition and heritage, we are honoured to bring the magic of African braiding all the way Down Under to Australia, for everyone to connect to and be inspired by with love.

our braids

  • Thicker braids, defined "Pot Holes" neat parting throughout, easy and ...
    3 hr
    From 250 Australian dollars
  • Not Jumbo but still large...
    4 hr
    From 300 Australian dollars
  • Medium size box braids look beautiful short or long and in all sorts o...
    5 hr
    From 400 Australian dollars
  • Small box braids are classy, practical, and can effortlessly highlight...
    6 hr
    From 500 Australian dollars
  • When it's time to unbraid and un tangle we are here to do it for you
    1 hr 30 min
    From 100 Australian dollars
  • Corn Rows braids, are braided flat on the sculpt similar to rows of ca...
    40 min
    From 50 Australian dollars
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"absolutely IN LOVE with my braids 🤙🏽🖤

Long time that I want them done and today was the day!! I'm so glad I found Nelviva. I was told it would hurt and I didn't even feel it! Very gentle and perfectionist. Amazing job!

Thanks heaps 🤗"


"OMG what an awesome lady here xx

This is the best hair do I've ever had and I have been braiding my hair for years her talent is on point 💯 Highly recommend would never go anywhere else on the Gold Coast xx 😘"


"She made the most amazing box braids on my hair. I wasn't sure on doing it but now I don't know how I could live so long without it! I love it and I can't recommend Nelviva enough!

I highly recommend Vivian she is the most beautiful and welcoming lady. Nelviva is so passionate and a total perfectionist the best braids I have ever had and would not go anywhere else. 10/10"

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